It was during the attack on her father's candy store by Dudley Ld, that the anarchic talent of Arantxa was awakened on finding herself alone and face to face with the abomination. Letting her fertile imagination run away with her, the little girl kept the glutton at bay with an army of gummy bears bombarding him with explosive toffees, before walloping him over the head with a giant lollypop. Once Greem had spotted her talent, the invitation from the Skeelz Academy was quick to follow, to the immense relief of her father who had had to stand by and watch his candy supplies being transformed into troublesome creatures. For Arantxa, it was an excellent opportunity to develop her powers and she is now able to control a real army of "sweeties" of all shapes and sizes, who serve as a security cordon at the Skeelz Academy.


  • Any Army of "Sweeties": Win 20 rounds with Arantcha.

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • After some debate, the name is pronounced "Arantcha" (the "ch" is an "x" in catalan).

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

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