After a painful breakup with her ex-boyfriend, Nunavik, Ayzkub decided to find herself an activity she could really throw herself into. Having tried out various things, she finally settled on the art of handling frozen weapons. So now, armed with her two ice guns, Ayzkub is known for the lightning speed with which she cools off any man who tries to get too close.

Web comic

This card hasn't appeared in a web comic yet.


  • Ice Ice Baby: Inflict 80 Damages with Ayzkub

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Her base power is 7, which is very good for a 2*.
  • Her base damage is 1, but becomes 3 with fury, allowing you to 2HKO with other members of Frozn.
  • Her ability increases her power and damage by 1, making her a potential 8/2.
  • The clan bonus increases her power and damage by 2, making her a potential 9/3.
  • If you combine her ability and bonus, she becomes a potential 10/4.
  • SoA doesn't bother her, since she can rely on her bonus.
  • SoB also doesn't bother her, since she can rely on her ability.
  • She is also not bothered by all-stops, since her base power is still high.
  • She is a 2*, so she makes room in your deck.
  • She makes a good bluff against your opponent.
  • She also makes a good throwaway card, in case you are planning to use another Frozn card.
  • Because of her low damage, she isn't bothered by damage reduction.


  • Her base damage is 1, which is low, though normal for a 2*.
  • She has competition from the other 2* in Frozn.
  • Like the rest of her clan, she relies on her bonus to reach her full potential.



  • Her weapons are a nod to the supervillian, Captain Cold.
  • When said outloud, her name is translated as 'ice cube'.
  • Her mission is a pun off the song, Ice Ice Baby, from the rapper, Vanilla Ice.

Card Artwork


Full Artwork

Ayzkub Lvs
Left one: Lv 1

Right one: Lv 2

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