Baby Q is full of fire and one hot potato. Wherever she goes, she raises the temperature and by all accounts she certainly burns the candle at both ends. If there's one thing she can't stand, it's men's rude remarks about the Pussycats' way of life and it doesn't take much for her fiery temper to flare up. Those who rub her up the wrong way go down in flames! Consider yourself warned!


Advantages & Disadvantages


  • She has a very good 6 damage.
  • Her ability stops the opponent's bonus, which can be helpful.
  • Her bonus reduces the opponent's damage by 3, with a very low min of 1.


  • She's a 4 star, so she takes up a bit of space in your deck.
  • Her 6 power is a bit low.


  • She is Arctopicto's first Pussycats card.
  • She, along with Syd Noze Rb, were released together as a part of a Valentine's Day promotion. Interestingly, both were potrayed as couple.

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

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