Urban Rivals usually has a background on there website. It changes depending on what's happening in Clint City. Urban Rivals has also released backgrounds in an advent calendar.

Normal Background

Normal Background - Day


Normal Background - Afternoon

Background alternate 1

Special Backgrounds

Miss Clint City 2011 Announcement

Bg miss2011

Marco Cr and Veenyle Cr Announcement

Bg cr

Kolos Figurine Release

Bg kolos after

Background for Event

Bg music

Clint City Summer - Day

Bg summer

Clint City Summer - Night

Bg summer night

Scott LD Comic Release

Bg night1

Clint City (Drawn by Phalloide):


Halloween 2011

Bg halloween 2011

Christmas 2011 - Day

Bg christmas 2011

Christmas 2011 - Night

Bg christmas 2011 night

Frozn Release - Day

Bg frozn

Frozn Release - Night

Bg frozn night

Kenny Cr and Rhed Cr Announcement

Background 2012

Halloween 2012

Bg halloween 2012

Nightmare Packs

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