An overzealous hunter, Billy Bob's karma went to hell when he hunted down and killed a multitude of innocent, little creatures. But one day, as a cute little bunny lay dying in his arms, he suddenly realized that it was very bad to kill poor, defenseless creatures. As a Roots activist, Billy Bob is now working off his debt to the animal kingdom.


  • The Mystery Couple II: Inflict 20 Damages with Billy Bob Rb
  • The Mystery Couple III: Win 3 fights by finishing with a knock-out from Billy Bob Rb


  • This card was released two days before Valtentine's Day as a "mystery couple" with Noon Stevens Rb. While the game never explicitly mentions if the relationship is romantic/sexual or not, fans have theorized that either Noon is cheating on her husband or the two of them are in an open relationship.

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

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