It has to be said that the All Stars' early days were not easy. What with the blatant lack of supporters who'd all but deserted the stadiums and the grip of rich business tycoons on several sporting fields, Cardigan's work as a commentator was duller than dull. But that’s all in the past now: the high level sportsmen, recruited day after day by Eyrton, have breathed new life into the sport and the recently renovated All Stars' stadium is pumping. Faced with this unexpected revival and thanks to new broadcasting techniques, Cardigan has had to adapt fast to respond to all the fans coming to see the clan's exploits. Whether that involves studying a whole new and very picturesque vocabulary or the ever more complex game rules, all fired up on Red Dragon, Cardigan will make you live the events as if you were really there.


  • Unbridled Commentator: Win 20 fights by finishing with a knock-out from Cardigan

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • His bonus reduces the opponent's power by 2, with an extremely low min of 1, which evens the playing field greatly.
  • His ability stops the ability of his opponent.


  • He has a low power of 6.
  • SOB makes it hard for him to win.
  • He has a very low damage of 2.


  • He is the first non-Junkz member to consume Red Dragon.
  • His name comes from a type of cloth (i.e. a cardigan sweater).

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

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