Clan Frozn
Bonus Revenge: +2 power and damage
Ability Power = opp power
Rarity Common
Artist Bullibillo
Released February 17, 2017
Stars 3
Stats lv 1 3/2
Stats lv 2 4/4
Stats lv 3 4/6 (ability activated)


Tiwi Ld wanted to teach the penguins how to speak so they could be his new friends. So he designed an intelligence developing helmet and tested it out on Cerebrah! But the device was a lot more powerful than expected, and not only did it leave Cerebrah with superior intelligence but it also instilled in him a dark ambition: to rule the world! The penguin revolution has begun!


  • Keep a Cool Head: Win 10 rounds with Cerebrah.

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • His name comes from the word, cerebral, which is related to the brain and the mind.
  • He bears a resemblance to the Penguins from the Madagascar series.

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

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