This is one of the Guilds on Urban Rivals.

Cópia de Colores


Welcome to Clash of Titans

We are a group of warriors ​​willing to do anything to win.

Our power is great enuth to destroy the entire city and even destroy our own world! And while you removed my nonsense quite fast, you failed to get the hint about your misspelled word. ENUTH IS ENOUGH i say! Got it this time? :)

Whoever gets in our way is immediately destroyed! Destroying everything in our passage we are immortal willing to do everything every day to make us even stronger! Also, this sentence lacks any proper English syntax but then again, you are TITANS! No mythology about your ability to spell, therefore you get away with it.

Criteria for joining us:

  • You have to be active and play a lot;
  • Be active in the forum;
  • Respect the guild and its members;
  • Be at least level 25!

Awards: We have monthly awards for the members who make the most guild points.

Founded by O RONALDO

Guild Administrators and Founder

Link to the Guild

Clash of Titans.

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