For some time now, a rumor has been circulating on the web about a strange code name known as "ToiR". Dozens of computer fanatics have been trying to decode it and all the clues seem to lead to the 0 archives, a legendary database that contains all the strange goings-on taking place in Clint City...

The 0 archives of the Dodecagon - the Government’s department for Research- are probably one of the most fiercely protected sites on earth. With six firewalls to crack and dozens of security measures to circumvent, it is without a doubt a job for the infamous Lovelace… This famous grey hat hacker has decided to uncover what lies within the Government's top secret database in the "ToiR" file...

The secrets will be revealed to those who follow the clues and make the hidden pages appear!


The event will take place on 01/02/2014 (GMT+1) at 11.00pm in 6 separate phases each lasting 1 hour and with an hour interval between them.

Help Lovelace by scoring points using the special features in each phase in the ELO, TOURNEY, SURVIVOR and DEATHMATCH rooms!

Amass maximum points to be one of the first to get hold of this new character!

Discover the genius analyst in the shop's packs from 28/02


  • During the event, each of the screens lighted up with a code for every hour. In order they were: IeledO, 1f724O, 3Zba74, 486156, 53 and 634125.
  • When the codes were solved, it lead to a link that showed a preview of the Riots Clan.

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