The 113 Collector characters are characters that are not available anymore at The Shop. You can only get them from other players on the Market, by winning them in ELO Mode, in some Events, or in Collector Coffers (which cost Tokens won from Tournaments).

You can spot a Collector by their name, it ends in "Cr".

Which characters become Collector is decided by the Staff, and you'll be alerted by a home page news one week in advance. At that moment, all existing sales on the Market of the future collectors are cancelled and new sales are blocked for 24 hours (to spread the news). The soon-to-be Collector remain in The Shop's boosters for a week before becoming Collectors.

They are the third hardest type of card to get in the game, following Mythic and Legendary cards (See Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary and Rarity).


Allstars All Stars

Bangers Bangers

Berzerk small Berzerk

Fangpiclang Fang Pi Clang

Freaks Freaks

Frozn Logo Frozn






Jungo Jungo

Junkz Junkz

Lajunta La Junta

Montana Montana

Nightmare Nightmare

Piranas Piranas

Pussycats Pussycats


Rescue Rescue



Roots Roots

Sakrohm Sakrohm

Sentinel Sentinel


Uluwatu Ulu Watu

Uppers Uppers

Vortex Logo Vortex

Retirement dates

March 10th, 2006: Sum Sam Cr, Armanda Cr

March 24th, 2006: Berserkgirl Cr, Rass Cr

April 10th, 2006: DJ Korr Cr, Kiki Cr

May 22nd, 2006: Shawoman Cr, Lyse Teria Cr

May 31st, 2006: Manon Cr, Scarlett Cr

July 3rd, 2006: NDololo Cr, Flavio Cr

July 31st, 2006: Lao Cr, Aldebaran Cr

November 3rd, 2006: Sigmund Cr, Melissa Cr

March 31st, 2007: Reine Cr, A Award Cr, Dragan Cr, Skullface Cr

April 30th, 2007: Ambrose Cr, Dwain Cr, Beltran Cr, Jim Cr

May 2nd, 2007: General Cr, Guru Cr

May 31st, 2007: Marlysa Cr, Selsya Cr, Ombre Cr, Thaumaturge Cr

August 31st, 2007: Elya Cr, Miss Twice Cr, Nahi Cr, Page Cr

November 12th, 2007: Kerozinn Cr, Seldnor Cr, Splata Cr, Geuner Cr

December 10th, 2007: Diyo Cr, Cassio Cr, Tessa Cr, Swidz Cr

March 10th, 2008: Lamar Cr, Chad Bread Cr

November 3rd, 2008: Chikko Cr, Vickie Cr

August 31st, 2009: Terry Cr, Alec Cr

December, 23rd, 2009: Amiral Py Cr, Smokey Mt (Mt since 16/05/2017)

August 6th, 2010: Kreen Cr, Tanaereva Cr

December 6th 2010: Noodile Cr, Jackie Cr

March 21st, 2011: Robb Cr, Caelus Cr

September 19th, 2011: Veenyle Cr, Marco Cr

December 12th, 2011: Blaaster Cr, Edd Cr

March 19th, 2012: Jane Ramba Cr, Heegrn Cr

September 17th, 2012: Kenny Cr, Rhed Cr

December 10th, 2012: Chiara Cr, Dalhia Cr

March 3rd, 2013: Sylth Cr, Kawamashi Cr

September 9th, 2013: Kalindra Cr, Emeth Cr

January 13th, 2014: Copper Cr, Slyde Cr, Boris Cr

September 1st, 2014: Dounia Cr, Sakura Cr, Lost Hog Cr

January 26th, 2015: Dolly Cr, Rowdy Cr, Yayoi Cr

June 15th, 2015: Phonos Cr, Lin Bee Cr, Kinichaw Cr, Dagg Cr

September 28th, 2015: Dr Copernica Cr, Dr Norton Cr, Sigma Cr

January 25th, 2016: Diego Cr, Mona Cr , Shaakarti Cr, Shann Cr

April, 18th, 2016: Eddie Cr, Uchtul Cr, Zatman Cr, Noctezuma Cr

June 26th, 2016: Mechakolos Cr, Sledg Cr

November 21st, 2016: Gil Cr, Greem Cr, Spyke Cr, Spiaghi Cr, Flo Cr and Lulabee Cr

December 15th, 2016: Toro Cr, Striker Cr, Ratanah Mt (Mt since 16/05/2017) and GraksmxxT Cr

January 23rd, 2017: Ymirah Cr

February 20th, 2017: Xantiax Robb Cr

March 20th, 2017: Ongh Cr, Grudj Cr

April 5th, 2017: Kolos Cr

July 17th, 2017: Oon Cr, Lizbeth Cr, Drakorah Cr

October 6th, 2017: Hawkins Cr, Pr Cushing Cr and Cannibal Jo Cr