This is one of the Urban Rivals Theme Decks. It costs 60 Credits and gives you Stanly, Zack, George, Janice, Taigo, Vince, Sargh, Dieter and Eadh. You can chose to get the cards at ether Full XP or no XP

Pack cursed beach fullXP Cards


Cursed beach is a rather defensive Deck which you can use to control your opponent’s attacks before dealing him the decisive blow. This Deck contains 4 Nightmare characters with their "Stop Bonus" Bonus which will really get in the way of your opponent, forcing him to reconsider his strategy, and 5 Ulu Watu with their "Power +2" Bonus which allows them to stand up to the most powerful characters.

Eadh and Dieter will help you control the outcome of the game: Eadh by blocking opposing attackers with his -2 Power Ability and Dieter by cancelling out both the Ability and Bonus of his opponent. If necessary, you can even gain Life points thanks to the multi-talented George who with a Damage value of 3 and a possible maximum power of 9 can adapt himself to any situation.

Zack will help you control the ground thanks to his Stop Ability and is also well able to win his round and inflict 4 Damages. As for Janice, she’s a good fighter under usual conditions but becomes outstanding when up against a Stop Ability, going up to a Power value of 11 when opposing a card endowed with this Ability!

And finally to wrap up the match or to try out some heroic bluffing, why not turn to Vince and his strike force which with just one blow can reduce an opponent’s Life points from 12 to 3. His presence alone in your team should be enough to make your opponent think long and hard about his tactics.

In T2 you’ve also got the fearsome Stanly, who with his Bonus has a Power value of 8, has 8 Damages and if you won the previous round will enjoy a Bonus of 12 on the attack (Confidence: +12 Attack).

Full XP Pack: Pack cursed beach fullXP No XP Pack: Pack cursed beach

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