<format>BERZERK 240 Berzerk</format>
       <data source="ability">
           <label>Icon-ability Ability</label>
       <data source="bonus">
           <label>Icon-bonus Bonus</label>
           <default>-2 Opp. Life, Min. 2</default>
       <data source="rarity">
       <data source="gender">
           <format>Male Male</format>
       <header>2 Stars (★★)</header>
       <data source="level1">
           <label>Stats Lv 1</label>
           <format>Icon-power 4 Icon-damage 1 </format>
       <data source="level2">
           <label>Stats Lv 2</label>
           <format>Icon-power 8 Icon-damage 1 (Gains Ability)</format>
       <data source="level3">
           <label>Stats Lv 3</label>
           <format>Icon-power  Icon-damage  </format>
       <data source="level4">
           <label>Stats Lv 4</label>
           <format>Icon-power  Icon-damage  </format>
       <data source="level5">
           <label>Stats Lv 5</label>
           <format>Icon-power  Icon-damage  </format>
       <header>Meta Info</header>
       <data source="released">
       <data source="retired">
       <data source="artist">



Having been living in the Red Motel for a good long while now, Elmer's only changed room once and that was to get away from his unbearable wife and devote himself to his passions: eating greasy food, drinking Boff and hurling insults at the All Stars League matches. But after the Xantiax explosion and following the unfortunate demise of his television set during one of his more frenzied reactions, he's decided to take his colorful and hard-hitting language straight to the Clint City stadium.


  • A really not very nice hooligan: Remove 20 Life points from your opponents with Elmer

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • His base power is 8, which is good for a 2*.
  • His base damage is 1, but becomes 3 with fury, allowing you to 2HKO with other members of Berzerk.
  • His ability gives you 1 out of 2 pillz back if you lose with him.
  • His ability makes him a good bluff since your opponent will think you will only use him to get pillz back.
  • Because of his low base damage, he doesn't have to worry about damage reducers.
  • The clan bonus removes two life from your opponent after you've won with him.
  • He is a 2*, so he makes room in your deck.


  • His base damage is 1, which is low, though normal for a 2*.
  • His ability is Defeat-based, meaning you must lose with him in order for it to activate.
  • He is weak against SoA, since he won't be able to get pillz back.
  • He is also weak against SoB, since he'll have to rely on his low base damage.
  • His main weakness are all-stops, since he can't get pillz back if he loses and can't remove life if he wins.
  • Players may make the mistake of overpilling with him, which means you may wind up losing more pillz than you gain.
  • He has competition from the other 2*.


  • He is based off of Homer Simpson from the popular sitcom, The Simpsons. The beer he drinks is also a play on the beer that Homer drinks, which is called 'Duff'.

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