Clan Frozn
Bonus Revenge: +2 power and damage
Ability -4 opp damage, min 1
Rarity Uncommon
Artist Grelin
Released August 19, 2016
Stars 5
Stats lv 2 3/2
Stats lv 3 5/3
Stats lv 4 7/4
Stats lv 5 7/6 (ability activated)


Research done by Friskah, a scientist passionate about speed skating, has shown that cryoplasma could attain levels of speed faster than light. It would allow you to go so fast that it would look as if you’d been teleported or duplicated. Friskah tried stealing some cryoplasma but was spotted by Brok and Thorpah. The yetis then gave her the following choice: either join the clan and obtain the help of Tiwi Ld to complete her project, or return to Clint City empty-handed. No one, apart from the Frozn clan, is allowed to use cryoplasma. For Friskah, the choice was easy…


  • Faster Than Light!: Block 80 damage with Friskah

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • She might be based on Overwatch's character, Tracer, seeing how her appearance and powers in her final form are very similar to Tracer's control over time and speed manipulation.

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

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