Even if GraksmxxT is pretty convincing, people have always known he had a tendency to exaggerate. And it's not surprising when you find out that he claims to have been sent to Earth by the authorities of the planet, Vronk. Open-minded, the Sakrohm's nevertheless welcomed him into their fold with the sole condition that he stop raving on about his supposed alien heritage.


Revenge from Space: Inflict 250 Damage with GraksmxxT

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • He has an 8 power which is good for a 4 star.
  • He has a solid 5 damage.
  • His ability reduces the opponent's damage by 5, with a very low min of 1.
  • His bonus removes 8 from your opponent's attack.


  • He is ELO banned and there's a penalty for using him in the daily tournament.
  • He's a 4 star so he takes up space in your deck.


  • It is possible that the word "mxxT" means of the family of SkrumxxT, or the male of the species.
  • His art is a nod to the 90's game, Day of the Tentacle. In his first two levels, he's dressed as the Green Tentacle, while in the last level, he's using the same gun that the Purple Tentacle uses.

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

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