No one really knew exactly which family Granny May belonged to. But it has to be said that so long as you didn't disturb her, the old woman was quite happy to sit quietly on the Motel's porch, knitting away at never-ending woolen scarves that were well and truly cluttering up room 12. And even Xantiax didn’t seem to have had a lot of impact on the old dear, who just stoically carried on with her work. The truth is so long as she was kept busy, all her anger was channeled into her work, until the day, that is, she broke her needles… Then all the old lady's pent-up anger suddenly erupted, devastating the Motel's west wing. Furniture, ornaments, nothing was spared her fury as she hurled insults that would have had even Elmer blushing. At the end of three day of total devastation, Cortez managed to calm her down with some new heat-treated needles but he now knew that he had an elderly burden on his hands.


  • A Needle or an Apocalypse!: Remove 30 Life points from your opponents with Granny May

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • The word "granny" is a commonly used term for a grandmother; which could mean that she is one.

Card Artwork

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