Great White North

Great White North is the top guild in Canada, run the numbers:

  • The highest level
  • The top ELO players in Canada
  • The most active members.

No other Canadian guild comes close. So if you are looking for a top Canadian guild, look no further. We accept all levels but you must have a Canadian flag to join.

Great White North is proud to announce the introduction of its Trade Center. Members can now rent out full decks or buy individual cards at a discount.

This guild is the pinnacle of success for Canadian players. The best of the best will be gathered here to show the world Canada has the greatest players in this game. There are no excuses, victory is the only way, others will watch on as we take the spot light.

We say about, not A boot

Zed not Zee

We play hockey

We know how much a Tim Hortons coffee costs after taxes

We live in houses, not Igloos

Our money is colo-U-rful because it's better that way

And Canadian beer is superior to all

But most importantly, we dominate Urban Rivals, we win graciously, and if we lose, we do so as champions.

Current Guild events:

GWN ~ Field Day

Great White North Forever

Guild Admins and Founder.

  • Founder: GWN Matrix.
  • Admin: GWN-Syrup.
  • Admin: theKFCguy
  • Admin: flashback81
  • Admin: GWN-Zyndos
  • Admin: GWN Bamsdaddy
  • Admin: kaleidoskope
  • Admin: GWN Asmodeus

Previous admins

Link to the guild.

Great White North.

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