Clan Ulu Watu
Bonus Equalizer: -3 opp attack, min 5
Ability Defeat: Equlizer +1 life
Rarity Rare
Artist RobynnFrauhn
Released May 12, 2017
Stars 5
Stars lv 2 2/3
Stats lv 3 3/5
Stars lv 4 4/7
Stars lv 5 6/8 (ability activated)


In the future, the descendants of the Ulu Watu very quickly joined the resistance against Dregn after the poisoning and then complete drying-up of the oceans by the Vortex's crystallization. Hydraereva, the only bioroid able to evolve in the marine environment thanks to a special coating, had always dreamed of exploring these great bodies of water, which is why Maana Cercei gave her the job of protecting the coastline. But what are those people over there up to? Surfing? Well, I'll have to give that a go!!


  1.  Exploration: Inflict 150 Damages with Hydraereva
  1. Laser Surfer:Gain 80 Life Points with Hydraereva

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • The boomerangs she uses in her fourth and fifth levels bear a resemblance to the ones Oraya whiler her name sounds similar to Tanaereva Cr's.
  • She also bears the facial fins of the Aquanis, a race of amphibian creatures who have membership in Ulu Watu. (Namely Naliah, Numar and Lianah Ld.)

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

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