Khabbas, more commonly known as "IronJaw", is proud of his achievement. After ten years in prison for robbery, he agreed to pay a handsome ransom to win back Bloodh's favor. The pirate with the iron jaw was able to regain his place alongside his captain… Without realizing that it required more than several million Clintz to win the clemency of the terrible Bloodh. His punishments are quite perverse, the sort of punishments that become more amusing with repetition. Yes, that's right! He has condemned IronJaw to the same fate as his brother Ahkab: a metamorphosis by the coral symbiote of the Melkozu Islands.


Advantages and Disadvantages




  • His premiere was in the event, IronJaw's Revenge.
  • He is the first card to have the Killshot ability.
  • He is based off of the He-Man villain Trapjaw for the detail of his arm and his name. There is also a reference to the character Jaws in the Bond franchise.
  • The Melkozu Islands are a strange place where Chel lived before being forced out by Scubb, who is also a part of Piranas.

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

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