Some programs are specifically designed to assisted Aviria Ld in removing undesirable intruders and keeping the real and virtual worlds separated. This was the case of Kommandon Ld, one of the strongest fighting pre powerful than him… Although his strong will prevented him from falling under control of the Virus, the struggle cost Kommandon Ld his sanity. What once was a loyal and intelligent fighter became a war machine, filled with madness and blind fury. The Virus X was quite happy of the outcome: even if he couldn’t completely control Kommandon Ld, what’s better than turning one of your enemies against another?


  • Firewall I: Inflict 25 Dages with Kommandon Ld in arcade mode
  • Firewall II: Win 10 rounds with Kommandon Ld in arcade mode
  • Firewall III: Remove 50 Life points from your opponents with Kommandon Ld in arcade mode

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • His name is a play on the word, "comando".
  • He was released a week before he was available in Arcade mode.
  • He is the only member of the Berzerk clan not to be infected with Xantiax Gas, as he is an AI program in Virtual Clint City, however he was infected with Virus X, which might be the AI equavallent.
  • He could be based off of the fighting game character, Bryan Fury.

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