Clan Bangers
Bonus +2 power
Ability Growth: -1 opp damage, min 1
Rarity Rare
Artist Katjagger
Released December 23, 2016
Stars 4
Stats lv 1 3/1
Stats lv 2 3/3
Stats lv 3 5/4
Stats lv 4 7/4 (ability activated)


As a great childhood friend of Karl, Kurt let himself become embroiled in a stupid and dangerous dare... He had to break into four chosen HQs and steal an object from each one of them as proof of entry. But on seeing all those presents, Kurt, who’s a massive fan of Christmas, couldn’t resist taking more than just one...


  • A Dangerous Dare: Block 30 damage with Kurt.
  • Treeminator: Inflict 100 damage with Kurt.

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • He is Katjagger's first Bangers card.
  • The stuff are from the Uppers, Huracan, Riots, and Hive respectively.
    • On his first level, he can be seen stealing Sean East's stuff.
    • In the second, he's robbing the Huracan with Noctezuma Cr's cape, club and medallion being shown; alongside a guitar from either El Mercurio or El Mariachi, Fuerza Ciega's Pinata, and El Kaktus' cactus.
    • In the third, he's at Riotspolis where he has Kenjy's rats trying to stop him while their owner's stuff (including the noel items) are in Kurt's bag.
    • In the last level, he is in Hive's territory, stealing the tree from the 2016 advent calender in a fire proof bag.

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

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