Are you after a saucy show with a magical and mysterious feel to it? If so, the bewitching, belly dancing luchadora known as "La Cobra" will more than fulfill your expectations. This young woman deftly combines the grace and skill of a snake charmer with her lithe and graceful movements. It might well cost you your coccyx but it's worth every penny just to get a feel of her.


  • Cobra Final Crash!: Win 40 fights by finishing with a knock-out from La Cobra
  • Cobra Snake Eyes!: Gain 20 Heal Life Points with La Cobra

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Her base power is 7, which is good for a 5*.
  • Her base damage is 6, which is also good.
  • Her ability gives you one life back after each round, if you win with her.
  • The maximum for her ability is 18, which is very high.
  • Her ability works well, since she gives her clan members an extra attack point each turn.
  • Her ability also works well with Jungo, whose bonus gives life back.
  • She works very well as a bluff.
  • Her ability is also good in ELO and Survivor.
  • The clan bonus increases her attack by the amount of life you have, which helps in low-pill fights.


  • She is weak against SoA, since she loses her chance to increase your life and the attack of her clanmates.
  • Her main weakness are all-stops, since she can't increase your life and can't get an attack bonus.
  • She is a 5*, so she takes up a lot of room in your deck.
  • She has competition from the other 5* in Huracan.


  • Her name is based on the animal, the cobra.
  • Interestingly, in her 2nd and 3rd level, she wears a Boa which is also the name of a breed of snake.
  • Her mission, Cobra Snake Eyes!, is also a gambling term when a pair of dice both roll-up a one.

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

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