La Junta

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These light-hearted, loudmouthed fighters are as nimble in their actions as they are in their wisecracks. As supporters of a strong regime, these soldiers have decided to bring society into line, starting by shaving the heads of the wimpy youth. In the long term, they’d be more than happy to take over the running of the government from those “bunch of morons”.

Release Date

September 17th, 2006


Damage +2 - La Junta’s Damage points are increased by 2 points.

La Junta's weapon

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Their bonus gives them an extra 2 damage, which helps them to 2HKO your opponent.
  • Many of the cards have very good stats, which help when taking life from your opponent or defending.
  • They have many good 4* and 5* cards.
  • Some of the cards work well as bluffs.
  • In the hands of a good player, they are a good clan to play mind games on your opponent, due to their damage, which makes them very unpredictable.
  • Some of the cards are 'Stop' cards which helps counteract their weakness to Stop Opp Ability.
  • Almost all of the cards are playable in ELO, and they are a good clan to use there as well.
  • They are a relatively cheap clan to collect.


  • Like several other clans, they rely on their abilities, so they are weak when going up against GHEIST and Roots.
  • They do not fare well against Montana or other clans that reduce attack.
  • They rely heavily on their damage to win, so they are weak against damage reduction. As such, they may have trouble against Pussycats, who counteract their bonus.
  • They may also have trouble against Jungo, since their bonus gives them life back.


  • In English, 'junta' is a loanword from Spanish which can be used to refer to the ruling council of a military dictatorship; loosely translated, in context "La Junta" can be taken to mean "The Council".
  • La Junta's finishing animation shows a button being shown underneath the Junta card. When it is pressed, a huge explosion occurs, which kills off the opponent's card.
  • The color of La Junta is camouflage green.
  • In the version online (2017), the final sound KO of the clan La Junta is the voice that say: "¡This is War!".




La Junta's War Base




QG Junta

Arcade Mode version


Urban Rivals Junta

La Junta's Secret Base.

Useful Links

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