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These outstanding fighters are equally feared and respected throughout the city. As they don't belong to any clan, they are free to ally themselves with whoever they choose. And having them on side is a huge advantage for any clan that manages to lure them into their ranks. But if two Leaders are in the same team, both their abilities will be negated.

The Leaders were released in April 2006.


Cancel leader - Your Leader Ability are deactivated if you have more than one Leader in your team.
Fire hand

Leader's weapon




Leader Temple

Conditions for obtaining each Leader


  • The Leader's finishing animation has their weapon appearing underneath the opponent's card and burning the card to ash, then crushing the ashes.
  • The Leaders are the only clan whose cards' backgrounds are colored. The rest of the cards' backgrounds are all white or checkered for those cards who are vaild for Standard.
  • The Leaders have the lowest amount of characters due to the fact that they are very powerful and don't have a usual clan "feeling".
  • They are said to be the most powerful clan in the game, due to their abilities for not only themselves (if only one Leader is in your hand during a fight), but the rest of the other cards in your hand (regardless of what cards are in hand).
    • Despite this, no members have max stats of 8/8 or 9/9, possibly to keep them from being overpowered.
    • Also, it's arguable if they are the most powerful in-universe, as some other characters are proven to be more dangerous, like Maana Cercei, or carry more power, like Nega D Ld. There has been little confirmation whether the Leaders have beaten them.

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