This formidable GHEIST agent normally charms her prey before coldly killing them. As a former member of the Pussycats, she joined Dr. Gheist's organization - where she's quickly become the clan's No. 1 killer - after a failed romance.


Lilith has been a reoccuring character/villian in the series and appeared in "Collateral Damage", "Thriller", "Team B" and "Through the Cauldron". Lilith tends to rather enjoy being a vilian and the evil that can pop up. Given how repulsed she was when she found out the alternate version of GHEIST ("Through the Cauldron") took Rescue's place as hospitalers who especally care for babies and reveled in the joy of knowing the damage Kolos could inflict when it got loose.


None at the moment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the card


  • 5 Power is about average.
  • The clan Bonus means that she doesn’t have to worry about abilities, apart from Nightmare, Piranas, and Skeelz cards.
  • She is a common, so she is easy to get.
  • She is very cheap, at only 200 clintz.
  • She has no ability, meaning she doesn’t have to worry about SoA cards.


  • She has no ability to help out with her average power.
  • 4 Damage for a 3* with no ability is not that useful.


  • She is best used as a level 1 filler.


  • Both she and her daughter, Chiara, were both drawn by the same artist, Phalloide.
  • Lilith's name based on Lilith (Mythical character), who was a succubus, which is a powerful demonic creature who seduces men and sometimes eats children.

Card Artwork

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