Many pirates have tried to steal the breathtaking treasure of Aquanis, but the majority of those who have tried have never been seen again, or have finished up like Scubb from the Piranas, cursed for ever more… However, legend has it that a pirate by the name of Lizbeth managed to steal some Aquanian ivory at a banquet given by Queen Naliah. The pirate slipped a sleeping potion into the wine being served, plunging all the guests into deep, deep slumber. Now, when fighting, she flaunts her trophy in the form of a sword, shaped like a spinal column and endowed with unusual strength.


  • Aquarian Ivory: Inflict 50 Damages with Lizbeth
  • Revenge and Regrets: Inflict 250 Damages with Lizbeth

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Her base damage is 4, but becomes 6 with fury, allowing you to 2HKO with other members of Piranas.
  • Her ability increases both her power and damage by three, making her a potential 9/7.
  • The clan bonus cancels out an opposing card's bonus, which makes fights easier.
  • She has her ability right from the start, so she can be used then.


  • Her base stats are 6/4, which is weak for a 5*.
  • Her main weakness is SoA, since she must contend with her base stats.
  • She is a 5*, so she takes up a lot of room in your deck.
  • She has competition from the other 5* in Piranas.


  • She is one of the few cards in UR who has her ability right from the start.
  • Her name may be reference to Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.
  • Oddly enough, Both Lizbeth and Miss Lizbeth look like Maud de la Roche (from the french comic "La rose écarlate").
  • She was nominated Miss Clint City 2012.
  • In her Cr departure announcement, she had mysteriously disappeared. Some say she hopped in a boat to go and hunt Krakens in the south of the peninsula, while others believe she left on the lookout for Smokey Mt.

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

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