For Lothar, working as an assistant in the Rescue's infirmary is the perfect job. Not only can he listen to his “music” full blast, but it leaves him plenty of time for band practice with his group, “Dragon of Killer Destruction Death”. On the face of it, he's not at all what you’d expect from your average Rescue member, but apparently he's the nephew of one of the clan's most influential figures; although that’s all being kept very hush, hush..



The idea with this card is that it makes it hard for your opponent to get over your bonus.

Against a 7 power card, in theory this card will have a 1 power disadvantage but a 12 attack advantage because of his bonus. If they have no attack manipulation then pill for pill you can win up until 11 pills (which rarely ever happens)

Even against 8 power cards he will be equal at 5 pills, which means he will win if you went first because he is 2 star. Even if they went first they would have to be 2 star as well.

The 5 damage is also incredible for a 2 star but you need to be wary of other attack manipulation clans, as well as Stop opponent's Bonus and Stop Opponent's Ability. Any of these will put Lothar at a disadvantage.



  • It's possible that Lothar is related to Kerry or Elvira.
  • If you look at Lothar's shirt, you can see the logo of the Junkz, but in blue.

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