Clan Fang Pi Clang
Bonus +2 damage
Ability -5 opp attack, min 5
Rarity Rebirth
Artist LuisNOT
Released June 30, 2016
Stars 4
Stats lv 1 3/2
Stats lv 2 3/3
Stats lv 3 3/5
Stats lv 4 7/5 (ability activated)


After a long period spent dancing in bars for soldiers, Macumba needs to give her life meaning. She goes to meditate on Zaï Hill and after 3 months in isolation meets a disciple of Fang Pi. Enchanted by the wisdom of this dark warrior, Macumba realizes that it's her destiny to join the clan's ranks.

Web comic

This card hasn't appeared in a web comic yet.


None at the moment.

Advantages and Disadvantages




  • Her name comes from the African word 'Macumba', which is a type of plant or African dance.
  • Her name is also the name of a French song by Jean-Pierre Mader, the lyrics are: "Oh Macumba, Macumba, Elle danse tous les soirs Pour les dockers du port Qui ne pensent qu'à boire. It can traduced by "Oh Macumba, Macumba, she dances every evening for the dockers who just think about drinking".

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

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