His brother Larry is at the rear of the stretcher giving orders, which Marco, out in front, duly obeys. His job is simple. He carries the stretcher and gives a good kicking to anyone who gets in their way. And because his reputation precedes him, nowadays not many people make the mistake of crossing his path.





  • Marco and Larry might be a take on Mario and Luigi from the Super Mario Bros video game series (taken that Marco dresses in red and blue and Larry in green and blue).
  • If you take both Marco Cr and Larry (with neither of them having evolved yet) and put them side-by-side, you can see that the stretcher in both their pictures connect on the small artwork the middle part of the stretcher is removed).
  • When he and Veenyle went Cr, the background was changed in their honor.

Bg cr

  • His artwork at lvl 4 was the artwork thought for lvl 5, because his armor is more destructive, but they changed it because at lvl 5 he seems more aggressive.

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

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