This is one of the Urban Rivals Theme Decks. It costs 60 Credits and gives you Owen, Miranda, Dayton, Katja, Tobbie, Sol Hona, Ngrath, Nata and Nimestiec. You can chose to get the cards at ether Full XP or no XP

Pack meteoric attack fullXP Cards


With the Meteoric Attack Deck, you play two clans with an attack Bonus. On the one hand, the Sentinel rely on a Bonus increasing their attack of 8, while the Sakrohm reduce the attack of their adversary by 8 (up to a minimum of 3). Result: you can bluff as much as you like and save precious Pillz.

At the heart of your Deck, the champion of bluff is undoubtedly Nimestiec. Played without any Pillz, this little character beats any opponent with an attack lower than 20! Similarly, you’ll also have Tobbie who can reduce the Power of the opposing card to the same level as his own and with the help of his Bonus will beat characters that seem a lot “stronger” than him. And to complete these characters who are low on Damage but big on attack, your Deck includes Katja whose Power increases to 9 when she’s played first in a round (Courage: Power + 4).

Your strike force will include Ngrath, who has a Damage value of 3 and will make your opponent lose 3 Life points (up to a minimum of 4), Dayton (5 Damage with his Ability), Miranda ( 6 Damage with Ability) and finally, Sol Hona, who will put your opponent's Power at his level, all the better to inflict him ... 8 Damage points!

As several of your characters greatly depend on their Abilities, the Deck also includes Nata, a character with a "Stop" Ability which is only activated when confronted with a Stop Ability: she then gains an additional 3 Damage, taking her up to a total of 6!

Full XP Pack: Pack meteoric attack fullXP No XP Pack: Pack meteoric attack

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