This is a world from the Through the Cauldron web comic. it is the opposite to our world. Each of the clans takes a different route.

The city in the mirror world is named Ytic'Tnlic (Clint City with the name reverse) and the money is

All-Stars: In Ytic'Tnlic are named fat Stars, Obese sell-outs to a version ofChoco-Muscles, named Choco Max.

Gheist: Hospital workers who specialize in caring for babies.

Jungo: In Ytic'Tnlic are name Youngos, young humans in animal masks

Junks: In that mirror world, the clan is banned.

Montana: Altruistic do-gooders.

Nightmare: Pretty much took the Freaks place and run theme park-type of rides (and Ielena is blond.)

Piranas: In Ytic'Tnlic are named Kosairs, Took Sentinel's place.

Rescue: Assassins who specialize in poisons.

Roots: In Ytic'Tnlic are named Eootz, Corporate scumbags and chemical.

Sentinel: In Ytic'Tnlic are named Dark Sentinels, A clan of demons most powerful of the world.

The others are not mentioned or the clan (Vortex and Berzerk) were not released at the time.

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