Released April 22, 2009
Ended May 20, 2009


It is Edd and Sharon´s anniversary. Since Edd has forgotten about the whole thing, it results with his wife upset and going off to Borgia's casino.

Edd calls Enzo to go to the docks and purchase a fancy necklace from Dalhia. After Enzo gets the necklace, he collides with Aldo (who is also holding a silimar package with a different colored ribbon), causing them to accidentally switch packages. Aldo is ready to eliminate a witness to the clan's dirty dealings, but when he opens the package and sees the necklace, he assumes it's a joke. Putting his talent to make even the most common item into a lethal weapon, he throws the necklace at the windshield of the witness' car and causes it to crash.

On his way to Borgia's Palace, Enzo notices the medics and police at the dock where the witness' car crashed. Feeling like something is amiss, Enzo checks out the package and sees that it has hand gernades in it, thus he got the wrong one.

Enzo and Aldo team-up to to retrieve the necklace and avoid Edd's wrath. Aldo foolishly goes into the police station (that doesn't belong to the Sentinels), not noticing the hard to miss wanted posters with him picture on them. While calling Enzo, Aldo is arrested, leaving the other on his own. Enzo comes across Simon, knocks him out, puts him in the trunk of his car and takes his clothes. Disguised as Simon, Enzo is able to get into the police station, get the necklace (he swallows it to keep the cops from finding it) and gets out. (Though he does leave Aldo in jail since it was his own stupidity that got him in trouble.)

That's when Enzo's car is being towed. Simon knocks on the trunk to get the tower's attention that he is in there. Now freed, he angerly punches Enzo in the stomach to get back at him, causing Enzo to spit out the necklace. Despite this, Enzo manages to return the necklace to Edd without him being the wiser of what happened.

At the end of the story, Edd closes part of Borgia's resturant so he and his wife can have a private dinner where he gives her the necklace (that she happily accepts.)  And all Enzo can do as he is watching this is mischeviously smile about the whole incident.


  • Given that the police station and the cops involved are not affiliated with Sentinel, this means that the clan is not the only police force in Clint City.
  • The flier of wanted with image of the Simon, is the same as his first level artwork.

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