Countless years ago, when the virtual Clint City was created, all the programs obeyed the directives of its creator. When he left the virtual city, all of them gained freedom. But, before leaving, the creator developed one last program, which was able to make important decisions in his absence. Nega D was meant to act as the creator does. It held the power to judge if any other software was malfunctioning, and then, to force others (like Aviria Ld) to take the necessary measures. A power greater than any other, able to determine between virtual life and death. For many years, everything was fine, and Nega D demonstrated itself to be a just ruler. But you know what they say: absolute power corrupts absolutely! In time, many human emotions (greed, desire for power, envy and boredom to name few) started transforming him. Nega D started to yearn for power, to be able to personally control the programs around him. He started to absorb the abilities of the programs that he judged to be 'interesting', and to force Aviria Ld to eliminate the ones resisting him. But one day, sensing its corruption, Aviria Ld and the Kommandons revolted against him, imprisoning him temporarily and shutting down the virtual city. His name was erased from the memory of the other programs, who now recall him only as a virus... The Virus X. But now that Nega D is back, crazier, angrier and more powerful than ever, his aim is still the same. He wants nothing more than... FILE CORRUPT. System error 27854-B. Additional information not found.


  • Virus I: Inflict 25 Damage with Nega D Ld in arcade mode
  • Virus II: Win 10 Rounds with Nega D Ld in arcade mode
  • Virus III: Take 50 Poison Damage by Backlash with Nega Ld in arcade mode
  • Virus X: Inflict 250 Damage with Nega D Ld in arcade mode

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • He's loosely based off of Agent Smith from The Matrix series.
  • His card was released a week before being available in Arcade mode.
  • He is one of the few cards in UR who has his ability right from the start.

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

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