This is one of the packs in urban rivals that feature the last 35 cards that were recently released (including Miss and Noel cards). The play will get three chosen at random.

Pack newbloods

Since August 10th 2012 (following the introduction of New blood missions), the Newblood pack illustration change to each new characters release, but the illustration on it is always a Rare character.

Here comes the list of all the characters featured on the New blood pack (chronologically):

- Jean

- Lakit

- Fanny

- Lizbeth

- Hriger

- Thorpah

- Naele

- Lady

- Uchtul Cr

- Brianna

- Nekurenbo

-T Gaank

- Romana




-Daddy Jones



-Florida Jane


-La Cobra



-Kinichaw Cr



-El Divino




-Miss Derby Queen


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