Clan Huracan
Bonus +1 attack per life left
Ability Confidence: power = opp power
Rarity Rare
Artist Jo-1C
Released March 5, 2017
Stars 2
Stats lv 1 1/8
Stats lv 2 1/8 (ability activated)


After several days of intense fighting, the Golden Throne final between El Divino and Quetzal was just about to start when Noctezumama appeared in the ring... "Stop fighting! Where's my son gone?!" Then to everyone's amazement, Noctezumama started whacking them both with a rolling pin, and of course, they couldn't retaliate. You can't hit a mom! Not ever! So, here's hoping she doesn't hang around too long.


  • Rosca de Reyes: Win 5 rounds with Noctezumama
  • Churros con Champurrado: Inflict 100 damages with Noctezumama
  • Pan de Muerto: Win 5 fights by finishing with a knock-out from Noctezumama
  • SDENG!: Win 7 fight with a knock-out from Noctezumama.


  • The game had a Vs mode fight between El Divino and Quetzal until it was revealed to be a trick on the player to introduce Noctezumama who ended up canceling the fight when she beat them both.
  • Her concept is similar to Chlora, as they both are the mothers of someone, Noctezuma and Lennox respectively, and are feared among the clan members.

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

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