A model housewife and cordon-bleu chef by day, by night Noon cleans up for the Pussycats. Who would have thought that this perfect, under-50 housewife was the daughter of Charlie, the Pussycats' Leader? Certainly not her husband Darren, who refuses to see her as anything but a kind and gentle, young woman who wouldn't hurt a fly.


  • The Mystery Couple I: Block 10 damage with Noon Stevens Rb
  • The Mystery Couple IV: Win 3 fights by finishing with a knock-out from Noon Stevens Rb


  • She currently has the second longest name (without the use of Cr, Miss, or Noel) in the game. The first being Dr Falkenstein.
  • She was released two days before Valentine's Day as a "mystery couple" with Billy Bob Rb. While it is not explicitly mentioned if the pairing is romantic/sexual, fans have theorized that either Noon is cheating on her husband or they're in an open relationship.

Card Artwork

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