The beaches of Clint City are not the safest of places. What with Flo jet-skiing in and out of the swimmers, the Ulu Watu who’ll surf just about anything and Warren selling his peanuts, despite the fact that you should never (NOT EVER) eat before going for a swim, there's danger round every corner... Fortunately, Pam is on the look-out.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • When her ability is coupled with her bonus she can be great in low pill fights, especially when played with a mono deck.
  • If she's played with a mono deck and both her ability and bonus are active she can have a 24 attack with only one pill used on her.
  • She has a 5 damage, allowing you the 2KO with other members of the Rescue.


  • Her base power is 4 which is low for a three star
  • Without her ability she can become weaker, and when facing an all stop she isn't a very good card.
  • She relies too heavily on her ability to win her rounds.


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