Curing people is good. Vaccinating them is better still. But after having tried out all sorts of remedies on himself, Pastor has built up his immune system to such an extent that he’s now become superhuman. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't know which vaccine caused this reaction so it looks like he'll remain the only living case of it.


Advantages & Disadvantages




  • Pastor is a nod to the inventor of vaccines, Louis Pasteur, who was also known as the inventor of pasteurization, which allows milk to last longer.
  • In the John Sein art files Pastor's name is Science.
  • His appearance is a reference to Doc Samson, a fictional character from Marvel Comics that gave himself super strength (and green hair) from experimenting on himself.
  • His First Form's appearance is similar to Dr. Bosconovitch of Tekken.
  • The injections he uses on himself for his cures could be based off of Jonas Salk, who did something similar after finding out the cure for Poliovirus.

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

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