To take care of the GHEIST accounts, Sigmund Cr was after someone intelligent, unscrupulous, suspicious and above all, loyal. Well Platinum certainly fulfils the first three criteria, but if you want to know whether he’s loyal or not, you’d better get on to Erika.


This card hasn't appeared in an Urban Rivals web comic yet.


  • It's the Moment of Reckoning!: Inflict 30 damage with Platinum. (8-14-15 to 10-18-15)


Advantages and Disadvantages of the card


  • He is only a 2* card, so he fits easily in the decks.
  • He is very cheap, at only 250 clintz, so he can go into a budget deck very easily.
  • His ability reduces the opposing card's power by 3, with a minimum of 1, which is the lowest possible. As such, he can easily run over cards that have 6 or less power.
  • He is also good against Caelus and Copper, who both have 3 more stars than Platinum easily even with Caelus' ability.
  • He is a common, so he is easy to get.
  • The clan Bonus means that he doesn't have to worry about abilities, apart from Nightmare, Piranas, and Skeelz cards.


  • He only has 4 Power and 3 Damage, which is bad, especially without his ability.
  • Attack modifying clans or cards can be a problem for him.
  • His low damage means that if you go up against Pussycats or damage reducing cards with a minimum of 1, he will have only 1 damage, which is not that much use.


  • He is really good to use against Caelus Cr  , Copper Cr , OshitsuneTula and Valter Bianco .
  • If you use him on the first turn then most people will let him through because he only has 3 damage. But if you then have a card like Xu52, this can worry your opponent because you can easily KO them.
  • Some people say that All Stars make him useless but he can make most of there cards, because they have the same power as him or close to him so they don’t cause that much of a problem.

Card Artwork


Full Artwork

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