In Urban Rivals, you reach certain ranks depending on your Collection's size. The more Characters you have in your posession, the higher is your rank. Some special ranks, Like Operator, Admin and Moderator have restricions and only chosen people or real UR workers can get them. The normal ranks are:

  • Novice: 0%;
  • Senior: from 1% to 4%;
  • Master: from 5% to 9%;
  • Veteran: from 10% to 19%;
  • Hero: from 20% to 34%;
  • Guru: from 35% to 49%;
  • Imperator: from 50% to 74%;
  • Titan: from 75% to 100% (every non Cr card);
  • Legend: 101% (all normal cards and some Cr)
  • Phoenix: all normal cards, plus all the original and Rebirth cards;
  • Colossus: every non Cr card, plus all Lds;
  • Divinity: every single Cr and non Cr cards;
  • Eternal: every card of the game.

The Guild Ranks are used to unlock bonuses for the user's guild. The more the players play, the faster the Guild rank will go up. Currently, the max is 30.

Furthermore, the "arrows" represent the player's level in the guild. A player can take a Guild's bonus by reaching a level, being one to four available. When a player reaches the maximum EXP for their personal rank, all the fights that give EXP will be transfered to the Guild Rank.