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The cards of Clint City are divided into different rarities. This gives a rough classification to how easy it is to obtain a character as well as how much it costs in terms of Clintz.

There are Four rarities.

  • Common cards are easiest to obtain in a pack and four or five of them appear in a full deck at the shop. Their names are normally in a Bronze background.
  • Uncommon cards are in the middle, and two or three of them appear in each full deck. Their names are normally in a Silver background.
  • Rares tend to be the hardest cards to get, with only one appearing in each full deck purchased. Their names are normally in a Gold background.
  • Legendary are cards that can only be obtained by completing the missions that require you to get them. Their names are highlighted in a Purple background.

In addition to the three rarities, there are also collector cards which do not appear in packs at all. These cards are the hardest cards to obtain in the game, as they must be bought by Clintz.

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