Character's card

When you sign up, you'll receive your first 8 characters free of charge. At each level, a character is defined by its Power (P) and Damage (D). Some characters also get a special ability when they reach a certain level.

All of this information is indicated on the character's card.


(1) Character's name - Self explained.

(2) Character's level - Self explained

(3) Illustration - The cards art.

(4) Power - Power is also known as attack. If you have, in this case, 2 power, then for every pill you use, it will add 2 attack.

(5) Damage - Damage is how many life points you will take away from the opponent.

(6) Ability - Abilities can be anything from adding to your power, or taking away your opponents power.

(7) Clan Bonus - If you have 2 cards of the same clan in your battle deck, a bonus will be activated.

(8) Clan Logo - The picture of the clan the character is in.

Card XP

Cards get XP which is then used automatically to level up cards to thir final level. The ammount of XP needed per level is shown below.

Level 1 - 2: 500xp

Level 2 - 3: 1500xp

Level 3 - 4: 3000xp

Level 4 - 5: 5000xp

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