There are no cheats in Urban Rivals. Though now and then they do special offers, but these can only be found in official adverts; cheats from non-official sources are fake or usually don't work.

Never give your Urban Rivals password to any website apart from the main (Urban Rivals website/app/facebook page) and Urban Rivals Will never ask you for your password (They can access your account themselves so they don't need your password).


Below are some of the scams you need to look out for.

  • One of the scams is when a website tells you to put information in the "Sponsor Nickname" section on login. This doesn't give you any thing but each time you buy credits the player, whose name you put thinking it was a cheat code, gets credits.
  • Phishing website/pms/emails: These website or pms or emails will usually as you to insert your user name and password to get something. These websites will never give you something and they usually steal your password. Also some websites can give you a virus which can keylog your computer meaning they can see what you type in for your password. So NEVER go on an unknown website or put you username and password into another website/email. If you want to find proper fansites then your best bet is to visit the Urban Rivals fansite page on the Urban Rivals website.

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