Clan Vortex
Bonus Defeat: recover 2 pillz out of 3
Ability Equalizer: -1 opp damage, min 1
Rarity Uncommon
Artist Mathias Ninot
Released March 17, 2017
Stars 4
Stats lv 1 2/1
Stats lv 2 4/3
Stats lv 3 5/5
Stats lv 4 7/5 (ability activated)


Abandoned at a too young age by her mother, Scylla had a sad and unhappy childhood, marked by the teasing and flattering of the court. It's not easy being a Vortex princess in the shadow of a father who ignores you, with Shaakarti Cr as your only friend. Hatred, resentment, and anger grew within her and finally gave her the strength to stand up for herself. From now on, she's determined to lead her life in her own sweet way. She's at war and will soon be able to place the head of the rebellion at the foot of the Crystal throne.


  • Born Rebel: Gain 30 pills from Scylla.
  • Royal Heir: Block 60 damage with Scylla in ELO mode.

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • Her name is taken from the monster from Greek mythology that lived aside from her counterpart, Charybdis. Later myths believe that she was a beautiful nymph who was turned into a monster, which fits with this Scylla's artwork.
  • Her first apperance was in Maana Cercei's first and second levels as a little girl. You can also see her as a holographic image in Scylla's first level.
  • The crystal throne is a nod to the Iron Throne in the fantasy series, Game of Thrones (or Song of Fire and Ice in the novel version).

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

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