Released June 15, 2009


The comic preview shows a group of Junkz breaking into the Skeelz Academy to vandalize it and cause general mischief. While breaking in, the group is calmly talking about a recent party until Akiko breaks the the all-around happiness by stating that recently one of her close friends was accepted into the Skeelz and she has not heard from him/her since. Berserkgirl ignores this warning and begins to spray-paint the Academy wall, only to have her hand and paint can frozen by Praxie whom states "As if you had the qualifications to enter our school." The next book is set for release on June 19.


  • The vandalization squad consists of Berserkgirl, Dreen, Akiko, and Gibson.
  • The friend Akiko is referring to is probably Praxie seeing as how he addresses both her and Dreen by name, but could be Liam since the student is mentioned to be a pervert (which is also mentioned on Liam's card). Of course They could be a character not yet revealed or who never will be revealed.

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