The Prophecy of the 5th World is a card-based multi-player event where players participate in unlocking a new card by winning a set number of battles. After players complete the goal, there will be a drawing involving the top players and randomly-selected ones. The card will then appear for sale and in packs about a month later.


After witnessing the earth split in two, a solar eclipse, bizarre will-o'-the-wisp phenomena and catastrophes occurring left, right and center, a strange letter appears under your door. The mystery author of this missive is asking you to SAVE Clint City .

Will you stand on the sidelines with your arms folded or will you throw yourself into the last chance fray?

Boost your Personal Rescue Gauge and win a stack of Battle Points!

Rank yourself among the best and win Pilzken in exclusivity!

Start Date

February 9th, 2013


Unlike the previous events, the story is told through a series of promotional pictures.


Fill the 2 Rescue Point gauges (RP):

  • By having fights in Quickbattle in the following rooms: ELO, Survivor, Daily Tournament and Deathmatch.
  • By completing incidents using the special features of the abilities, rooms, etc. These incidents will take place every 3 hours

The event focuses on different areas of Clint City as shown here, where the players have about 3 hours to gain a combined amount of rescue points (about 300). Once time is up, it will go to another section of the city. The sections are: The Scourge of the Area, Bacteriological Disaster, The Electrical Tornado, Collective Hallucinations, Marmoreal Downpour, Grisly Inferno, Vengeful Phantoms, Acid Maelstrom, Solor Thunderbolt, Savage Attack, Suffocating Darkness and Quantum Portal.

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