Released December 22, 09
Ended Feburary 22, 2010



The city and some of the clans are altered in this comic.

  • Clint City is Ztnilc City: 'Ztnilc' is Clintz backwards, foreboding of all the Clan's role reversal.
  • The All Stars are known as 'The Fat Stars' and they sell the product mentionned in the Clan Bio, which is called 'Chocomax.'
  • The Jungo are called the 'Youngo' and they presumbly took over the Skeelz posistion.
  • The GHEIST (much to Lilith's dismay), took place of the Rescue (she mentioned the maternity ward).
  • The Rescue and the Sentinel are most likely the GHEIST.
  • The Piranas took the Sentinel's place as defenders of the city, and possibly the Rescue (for the other wards).
  • The Nightmare took the Freaks' position as the entertainment for a haunted funhouse.
  • The Roots is a research lab.
  • The Montana are charitable people (which might imply that the Uppers are poor).
  • Most of the Junkz are in prison.

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