A princess of the planet Marxxt, Toris was forced to abandon her home planet due to invasion by a hostile race. Then she had a vision: only a mysterious 'Guru' could help her defeat the enemy and free her planet! Toris' travels eventually brought her to Clint City. Tara and Eris were cunning enough to convince her that, before being worthy enough to contact the Guru Cr in the perpendicular dimension, she would have had to purify her body and soul. Where? In the Sakrohm temple, of course...


  • From Marxxt with love: Inflict 75 Damages with Toris

Advantages & Disadvantages




  • When said outloud, her name sounds like Taurus (the astrological sign). Incidentally, the day she was released, (May 13th, 2016) falls under the sign of Taurus.
  • Her mission is a nod to the film, From Russia with Love.

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

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