Riotspolis has well-oiled mechanisms that enable its inhabitants to enjoy all the benefits of modern society. But the immense network of pipelines plunging deep down into the caverns surrounding the city is far from easy to maintain. This is where the Alma Mater's special athletic engineering section comes into its own. Led by Vera, the brilliant and silent repairer, the members of the maintenance team run, slide and leap over the entire network as if it were some kind of fitness trial. Their work, which is vital to the city's survival, has turned them all into heroes who are warmly greeted by all the city's inhabitants as they fly past over the buildings!


  • Artful Traceuse: Inflict 50 damage with Vera

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Her base power is 7, which is good for a 4*.
  • Her base damage is 5, but becomes 7 with fury, allowing you to 2HKO with other members of Riots.
  • Her ability removes two damage from your opponent, which helps if you are in danger of being KO'ed.
  • The minimum for her ability is one, which is low.
  • Her stats and ability make her good for offense or defense.
  • The clan bonus gives you a pill back whether you win or lose with her.


  • Her base damage is 5, which is low for a 4*.
  • She is weak against SoA, since she cannot reduce her opponent's base damage.
  • SoB prevents you from getting a pill back.
  • She has competition from the other 4* in Riots.
  • She is a 4*, so she takes up room in your deck.


  • The name of her mission comes from the term for a female who does parkour.

Card Artwork

Full Artwork

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