The Xantiax Gas is the gas used to create the Berzerk. It is unknown how it was created or why, but it seems that those who come into contact with it and inhale large amounts will experience a psychological change, which causes the victim to become violent and aggressive. Side effects include yellowing of the eyes, skin turning red (though the shade of it varies) and increased muscle mass for most males. It has also been observed that roughly 40% of males also experience skin mutations such as growing spikes. The benefits include enhanced strength, an increased pain threshold and a higher tolerance to alcohol (given how Fraser hooks it to his veins would kill a regular person).

It was later revealed in the webcomic, 13th Room (True Detectives), that Vryer and/or Jaxx Ld created it and tested it on Robb Cr before the infamous hotel gassing, making him the first Berzerk to be created. (He would later become Xantiax Robb.)


  • According to Sprinter's profile, Xantiax Gas is highly toxic to animals. However, in Miloz's profile, it's stated that the Xantiax can affect animals in different ways, depending on their DNA.
  • The gas can grant the same effects to non-human creatures like Graven, who is an alien.
  • In Marjory's profile, Xantiax can also affect someone's weight (However, only in certain people).
  • In Bishop's bio, it's stated the Xantiax gas had the opposite effect. Instead of enraging him, the gas transformed him into a mellow Roots member, as well as making his build smaller and slimmer. It's stated this was due to the fact that the gas was in a concentrated form.
  • In Miloz's profile, the Xantiax gas only transformed his head. This may be because only Miloz's head was exposed to the gas, which he had accidentally breathed in. This may mean that the Xantiax can affect individual body parts instead of the whole body.
  • In the webcomic, Dominion, it is show that the concentrated form of Xantiax is safe to drink if you mix it with something else like Red Dragon.

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